For which regions is the travel information available?
For Bavaria there is plenty and more precise information available (e.g. the traffic situation on Bavarian roads or time table information of regional transport). For the rest of Germany and Europe a state of the art European map with included points of interests is basis for the service.
How to zoom?
Press shift and the left mouse button and drag a rectangle over the desired zoom region. You can also use the scroll wheel. Or you may simply use the symbols (+, -) in the top bar of the map.
How does the prognosis of traffic situation work?
See BayernInfo News.
How can I calculate a route?
Just enter "From" and "To" through the fields in the "Calculate route" service and select your means of transport "calculate with:"and press. You may enter an address, a town, a public transport stop or a POI.
How to select start and destination (on the map)?
You many use the fields to type or you can right-click on the map.
What is a POI?
Point Of Interest are types of places you can search for such as parking facilities, public transport stops and stations, filling stations, garages, ferries, hospitals, community centres, schools, hotels, restaurants, bars, stadia, skiing areas, golf clubs, cinemas, parks, sights, etc.
How to use direct link in "Traffic Situation"?
If you watch regularly a specific map, you can save it with "direct link" as a bookmark in your browser. Pull the map to your right and then click on direct link. In the address bar your browser will be display the full address and now you can save it as your favorites / bookmarks.
What's the meaning of the service icons?
  Bus friendly
  Charging available
  Family friendly parking
  Fast Food
  Gas Station
  Handicapped accessible
  Parking reservation possible
  Internet terminal
  WLAN available
  Womans parking

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