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What is BayernInfo and which authority is responsible for it?

BayernInfo is a service offered by the state of Bavaria. Its origin is in the BAYERN ONLINE project, which was launched by the Bavarian Government within the framework of the "Bavarian Future Initiative" (Offensive Zukunft Bayern).

BayernInfo went online in 1995 - at that time it was one of the first traffic information pages on the Internet. The Board of Building and Public Works of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior (OBB: Oberste Baubehörde im Bayerischen Staatsministerium des Innern) was responsible for operating the service until 2005. The Verkehrsinformationsagentur Bayern GmbH (VIB: Bavarian traffic information agency) was commissioned by the OBB to operate it from 2006 onwards. Since the beginning of 2016, the Bavarian Road Administration has taken the operation back.

Where does the information on BayernInfo come from?

It currently draws on traffic information from the following sources:

  • Traffic sensors that measure the volume and speed of traffic on the motorways and therefore identify congestion. These sensors are mainly used to control traffic management systems. However, the data also serves as a basis for automatically generating traffic reports and reports on traffic disturbances (traffic jams and congestion) and for automatically calculating traffic forecasts.
  • Level of Service Information and reports from "floating car data" (FCD) in real-time.
  • Reports from the Bavarian traffic authorities: reports on current incidents and dangers received from police sources. These are the reports we hear on the radio or recieve as TMC information in navigation systems, e.g. accidents, objects/persons/animals on the roads, wrong-way drivers and reports of congestions on routes that are not equipped with sensors.
  • Long-term major roadworks from the motorway construction work schedules. These reports also include planned measures.
  • Reports on temporary roadworks (e.g. maintenance work). The warning trailers used to secure roadworks by the motorway administration are equipped with an automatic reporting system, which uses GPS technology to display positions and lane closures in real time on BayernInfo.
  • Reports by the state construction authorities on road closures and construction on state, trunk and regional roads. Detailed information on construction can be found on the Internet pages of the responsible authorities.
  • Additional reports, for example on local roadworks or events that affect traffic, are also included.
  • Weather conditions that affect driving reported by meteorological stations, which measure wind force, rainfall, temperature, etc.

Traffic cameras

Currently there are 100 traffic cameras online. They are mainly located in the conurbations of Nuremberg and Munich and the major axes in Bavaria. You can access them via the “Traffic & Travel” map and in the “Webcams” service.

Information on Public Transport:

DEFAS BAYERN, Bavaria’s central data hub for public transport, has been linked with BayernInfo. DEFAS BAYERN consolidates all data on public transport in Bavaria and beyond and makes them available to portal operators. Information on departures and connections is centrally calculated on the basis of target timetables and real-time data. This enables the user, for example, to find out whether the train or bus is on time or whether there is a delay.


BayernInfo uses the INTREST map, which has been specifically developed for BayernInfo based on a HERE commercial map. HERE is also used in navigation systems. The map is regularly updated. Bavaria's cycling network is regularly updated manually. The additional address coordinates and aerial photographs are provided by the Bavarian survey office. Important data is also provided by the Bavarian administrative agency locator and the Bavarian hotel and restaurant association among others.

Traffic information working group:

In the traffic information working group, the Bavarian road construction administration, the police, the Bavarian radio station and the ADAC are closely collaborating to develop measures to improve traffic information and implement them in practice.

What are the latest improvements?

Mobile Apps

"BayernInfo Maps" is available for iOS and Android. "BayernInfo Maps" support Real-Time-Routing for cars and public transports.
The "Bavaria's cycling network" App is also available for iOS und Android.

Parking information service

This new service offers real-time parking information for heavy goods vehicles on the highways and for cars within the cities. You can access the data via the "parking" service.

What is planned for the future?

The next steps planned by BayernInfo encompass the following system extensions:

  • Extension of traffic information to include Bavaria's neighbouring regions (e.g. reports from throughout Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic)
  • Until the end of 2016 the network of traffic cameras shall be extended to 200 cameras.

Status: February 2016

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